3 Things You need to Know When Choosing a Go Bag

Which bug out backpack should you choose?

There are MANY backpack options out there for housing your emergency Go Bag must-haves, but... There are a few features and considerations that you should take into account when choosing one. 

Firstly - the size. How big is too big? Well, it turns out that 60L capacity is already pushing the limit, so we feel that 50L is quite enough space for the essentials, and you can always strap more things to it (like a sleeping bag, pad, blanket, etc.) using the MOLLE attachment system. If it's good enough for the army - it's good enough for your needs too.

Second - ease of access. A typical camping backpack is essentially a large sack. Try getting to the stuff at the bottom of that bag and you'll see exactly what we mean by ease of access. That's why we stay clear of camping specific gear. Also hiking bags typically don't have too many attachment options or outside pockets - this SHTF bag does. This bag folds out and lets you get to your stuff faster in a stressful situation.

Lastly - inconspicuousness. Depending on the emergency situation you find yourself in - attracting unwanted attention can be deadly. Sometimes just having a bag will be enough to set you apart from the crowd! Choose a simple, non-flashy and as close to "standard" of a bag as you can. That being said - this tactical SHTF bug out gag does have it's draw bags in this arena. It looks too tactical and too military. Then again, there are plenty of tactical bags out in circulation these days and it's not THAT big of a deal if one just happens to be swinging from your shoulder. To help play down the tacticalness (pretty sure that's a word) a bit - remove any velcro decals and try to mix in accessories in different colors. 


Here are a few options to get your started

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