The Ultimate 42 Item Home Emergency Gear Checklist for 2020

Home stockpile for emergencies


Wether it's a prolonged power outage or a world crippling pandemic - it's better to be prepared with some home essentials rather than face the discomfort of uncertainty, scarcity, and fear. 

We've scoured the web for resources and information to compile the most up to date and complete list possible of the stuff you might need for your home survival kit and compiled it into a simple checklist. Who doesn't love checklists, right?!


1. Chlorine bleach and dropper (pipette) for water purification

2. Water purification tablets

3. Extra jugs or barrels for filling with potable water 


4. Can opener 

5. Two-week food supplies (see Emergency Food Supplies list

6. A garden (even a small one)


7. Cash and spare change 

8. traveler's checks  


9. Extra barrel of gas/diesel 

10. Extra cooking fuel, propane 

11. Matches, lighters, lighter fluid refill 

12. Refill or buy extra heating fuels for your home 

13. USB Solar charger and battery bank


14. Condition specific medications for 90-120 days 

15. Face masks, respirators n95 

16. Feminine hygiene items 

17. First aid kits (see First Aid Supplies list

18. Hand sanitizer or disposable disinfecting towelettes 

19. Laundry detergent 

20. Personal hygiene items (toothpaste, deodorants, etc.) 

21. Rubbing alcohol 

22. Extra Soap 

23. Toilet Paper 

24. Toothpaste 

25. Trash bags 

26. Vinegar (DIY surface cleaning) 

27. Specific supplies for your children, if any 


28. Nightlock or other door/window securing hardware 

29. Pepper spray to deter and delay assailants 

30. Plywood covers for windows 

31. Sandbags, empty (provided you have a sandbox nearby) 

32. Shatter-resistant window film 

33. Fire extinguisher or two


34. Candles 

35. Flashlights and extra batteries, battery chargers 

36. Manually propelled means of transportation


37. Wood cutting saws or axes + sharpening tool (might not apply in an urban setting)

38. Work gloves + protective gear 


39. Books 

40. Board games

41. Puzzles

42. Playing cards, UNO, etc. 

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For your convenience, we've excluded a few items that you should already have at home and only tried to list the things that might not necessarily come to mind.

While you can't possibly prepare your home for every possible emergency scenario out there - you should at least cover the basic supplies of food and water. We firmly believe that in today's interconnected world humans come to each other's aid no matter the circumstances and eventually things will go back to normal again. Perhaps a slightly new normal, but not a dystopian, apocalyptic normal nonetheless.

Sources: FEMA (, The Red Cross (, and The National Safety Council ( and others. NOTE: Sorted by categories in no particular order of importance.  

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