Vehicle Emergency Gear Checklist for 2020

Have you ever thought about how much time you actually spend in your vehicle? If you're a suburb dweller with a daily commute - a whole lot is the answer. The one thing we can't seem to control is when we will find ourselves in an emergency situation. So the obvious thing to do is to try and prepare for when that happens. If you also take into account the number of vehicle related deaths occurring every year, then you really don't need to stretch your imagination too far to see the point in preparing.


1. Bottled water 

2. Cash, travelers checks, spare change 

3. Extra canister of gas/diesel 

4. Fire extinguisher 

5. Hose repair kit or Duct tape 

6. Jumper cables 

7. MREs (meals ready to eat) 

8. Small auto tool kit 

9. Spare tire 

10. Strap cutter and glass breaker 

11. Tire puncture sealer kits 

12. Tow strap + vehicle side attachments 

13. Work gloves + gear

14. Car jack + tire iron (if not already equipped) 

15. Emergency foldable reflective triangle (roadside emergencies)

16. Extra fuses (10A, 15A, 20A) 

17. First Aid Kit (see First Aid Supplies list

18. Headlight, extra batteries 

19. Manual air pump


20. Folding shovel 

21. Gas siphoning kit or hose 

22. Power bank for jump starting your battery 

23. Spare change of clothing and underwear 

24. Weather specific clothing and rain gear 

25. Wood cutting saws or axes + sharpening tool (removing obstacles)

Some items that you choose to include might be specific to your vehicle, so be sure to consult with your local mechanic or dealership about those. 

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